Defence Driving ManoeuVres

Know More About Defence Driving ManoeuVres

No matter how talented of a driver, you might think you are, it is still impossible to predict and control what happens around you. Other drivers, harsh weather, obstacles, technical/mechanical malfunctions. Each of these unpredictable hazards can jeopardize the safety of you and your passengers unless you are prepared to respond to them or know how to avoid them altogether.

This fun-filled, informative driving course enables young beginners to learn how to drive in a manner that utilizes safe driving strategies to allow themselves to identify & react to hazards in a predictable & cautious way.

Our qualified instructors help driving aspirants to improve their driving skills by teaching them to recognize and anticipate situations & make safe, well-informed decisions promptly when needed. These safe driving lessons go well beyond basic traffic laws and traditional procedures.

Objectives of this driving course include:

The general purpose of this course is to provide a broad understanding of safe driving. After this course, trainees will be much more confident to deal with prevailing circumstances that typically cause road accidents.

Training covers the following:


Our instructors will educate you on safe driving techniques, how to recognize hazards and avoid collisions, local traffic rules, factors involved in motor vehicle accidents and a thorough understanding of the term "defensive driving."


How to recognize abnormal conditions and further how your own mental and physical health affect driving conditions and how to pay attention to the front, sides and rear of a vehicle, all while remaining calm.


Drivers will get trained to expect the unexpected and how to anticipate hazards and to deal with them safely and cautiously. Further, also how to check and maintain your vehicles as a means of foresight.


Our instructors will help trainees to understand how and when to implement common sense and the knowledge they learn to make decisions wisely and courteously, even when other motorists are not


Our instructors, with several years of experience, are trained to pass on their skills to beginner drivers, enabling them to develop the skills necessary for the safe operation of vehicles. Students will know how to safely and legally made turns, brake, change gears and so on.