Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to all your questions right here.

Q1) How do I pay for a driving course?
A1) We accept online payments and all widely available options like cards, cash or cheque.

Q2) How can I sign up?
A2) You can either contact us by phone, come into our office, or complete the “Contact Us” form on our web site so that we will contact you and set up the package and set up your lessons.

Q3) Do you offer MTO Certified BDE Course?
A3) Yes, we offer MTO certified BDE Courses.

Q4) Can I avail insurance discount?
A4) Please contact your insurance company for more about insurance discount; if you are eligible, you can avail it with us.

Q5) What is the period of this driving course?
A5) As per the MTO guidelines, it takes 12 complete months to finish the course. Get G2 4 months earlier.

Q6) I missed a driving lesson. What next?
A6) Please contact us as early as possible so that we can reschedule your missed driving lesson.

Q7) What is the difference between classroom training and online training?
A7) Both the training modes have the same content. The only difference is how this training is executed.

Q8) How can I avail the reward scheme?
A8) You can if you are eligible! You have to pass exam in the first attempt with zero faults. For more details kindly contact us.

Q9) What if I do not pass driving test in 12 months?
A9) You will have to apply for a new admission and will have to pay fees for the same.

Q10) Is there a refund policy?
A10) Refunds will be issued before starting driving course. No refunds will be issued after course has begun. We are always happy to reschedule your driving course rather than refunding.

Q11) Can I use my own car for driving lessons?
A11) No, for your safety (and ours) we can only use our dual control vehicles for lessons.