The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Your Driving Exam: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Having finally picked the perfect driving school for you and undergone training alongside your instructor, who has spent time to pass his skills and knowledge down to you.

It is now time for you to attend your road test and in the process impress your examiner with your flawless ability to professionally manoeuvre your vehicle.

But, what are you expected to do for your exam? What should you prepare for?

Well, this varies with the licence you are applying for.

The G-2 driving exam for example, is specifically designed to test your basic driving skill. Typically lasting about 20 minutes and performed entirely on open city streets. Don’t worry, no testing is performed on any 400-series highways for this test. This test, however is usually the most nerve-wracking for newbies as it is first time they are exposed to a test on real roads.

During your G-2 test, the examiner will observe how you perform basic driving manoeuvers, including;

  • Your ability to start and stop the vehicle without stalling
  • Your ability to recognize and accurately react to traffic stops and signs
  • How you deal with other motorists ad how you drive in passing lanes
  • Your ability to parallel park
  • How you execute U-turns and 3- point turns
  • Your confidence while driving through different kinds of intersections

And much more..

The G driving exam on the other hand consists of everything that the G-2 exam does, but alongside these, the examiner will also judge you upon your ability to carry out more advanced driving skills, with extra emphasis on your ability so safely and courteously drive on highways. These exams typically last around 30 minutes and in order to sit for a G exam, one must have taken a G-2 at least 12 months before hand. The skills that the examiner will be paying attention to, alongside the same for the G-2 exam are;

  • Your ability so safely merge onto a 400-series highway at an appropriate speed
  • How you change lanes on the highway and merge
  • Your method of exiting the highway

It is to be pointed out that in the event that you fail either your G or G-2 road exam, you will have to wait around 10 days before re-applying to take the exam order to prevent the necessity of this, several people have found it extremely helpful for applying for a road test package.

The road test package enables trainee’s access to experienced instructors up-to 2 hours before the road exam. This gives students the ability to clear any under lying doubts before the exam, or even to simply have a quick revision. Furthermore, the road test package also enables students to practice any manoeuvres before the test to ensure you ace your exam.

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