Experience the Freedom of Driving: Why Obtaining a License is Worth the Effort"

Are you looking to leave public transport in the dust?

Are you ready to enter the magical world of McDonald’s drive-ins?

Well, you're not there just yet. You're going to need to earn yourself a driving licence to make this dream a reality. But why do you really need a licence?

The most obvious reason is that this is required by the law. In order to be able to drive your own vehicle, you’ll need to pass a few tests to ensure you are fit and eventually be legally recognized as capable to drive. Another reason, independent commute. As good as public transport might seem, sometimes its cumbersome and often time consuming. Especially in large cities- having access to your own vehicle ensures easy mobility and flexibility.

In Ontario – the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO) is the government body that is responsible for issuing you your driver’s licence. In order to be eligible to apply for your driving licence in Ontario, you will have to be at least or above the age of 16.

Assuming that you are 16, you can apply for your G1 license. Upon successful competition of a multi choice road theory test that gauges your knowledge of the rules of the road and also an eye vision test, you are then viable to a G1 license. The G1 allows learner drivers to drive on roads but only while accompanied by an experienced G rated license holder. Further, G1 drivers can’t driver between 12 m and 5 am or on 400-series highways.

The G2 on the other hand, becomes available after holding a G1 license for 1 year, or 8 months if the student graduates from and MTO approved driving school. G2 enables drivers to drive without any accompanying drivers. The driver however must maintain a blood alcohol level of zero at all times.

The full G license, viable after 1 year of driving with a G2, requires a driver to take and additional road test that mainly includes the examiner noting your ability to drive on a highway. Upon satisfying your examiner and passing the road test, you are issued a full license which carries no restrictions.

If you're looking to apply for your license, it is important that you get the correct and the best guidance to ensure you pass your tests both confidently and efficiently. To do that, it is important to approach a good driving school to prepare for this. Enter Driviology driving school. With over 5 years of experience in the industry and boasting a 100% pass rate, you really don’t have to look any further if you want to join a driving school. Apply now!

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