Safe Driving Practices: Essential Tips for Following Instructions and Staying Alert on the Road"

Statistics show that fresh drivers are far more likely to be involved in a serious or potentially fatal accident compared to experienced drivers and most of this accidents are due to a failure to adhere to instructions that they were taught.

Be it due to an inability to keep an appropriate gap from the car in front or improperly turning around an intersection or just a minor over look of the road ahead, these can all lead to accidents. As a result of this, there have are several carefully laid out instructions and rules that one must follow in order to be a safe driver.

To begin, one must be able to understand and adhere strictly to traffic laws and practices in order to keep safe. Traffic laws are set in place by governments and police from each level can enforce them. If you are found to break a traffic law, deviating from set instructions you can be fined, or even worse, lose your license entirely.

It takes a combination of knowledge, skill and discipline to be a good driver but alongside this, you must be able to do more than just obey the rules. You must be considerate about the safety of others on the road.

Furthermore, by following instructions, you are more likely to be able to co-operate with other drivers to keep traffic moving safely, as you are more predictable.

Apart from this; you must also be a defensive driver. Learning how to be a defensive driver means learning how to anticipate and appropriately react to any unexpected situations – be it adverse weather conditions or other drivers on the road.

During defensive driving training, your instructors will teach you:

  • How to use your knowledge to recognize and avoid collisions.
  • How to remain alert at all times in order to recognize abnormal conditions and also how to remain calm during these situations
  • How to apply your foresight and expect situations before they even happen.
  • Howto use your judgement to implement common sense and knowledge in order to make decisions wisely and courteously, even when other motorists are not.
And much more...

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Driviology offers a defensive driving package that, alongside their well experienced instructors will ensure that you become much more confident and safe on the road, even during the most adverse conditions.

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