The Qualities of a Successful Driving Instructor: How to Choose the Right Mentor for Your Driving Journey

To ensure a lifetime of safe and courteous driving, it is of paramount importance that your initial foundation is strong and well built.

For most beginners, instructors are the first portals they receive into the world of diving. Hence it is consequently important that you make the right choices to pick the most suitable instructors to lead you to the privilege, that is – a driving permit.

But what should you really look for in a good instructor? What sets aside a good instructor from a good one? Well, there are several qualities.

It should really go without saying, that you want an instructor that knows it all. One that has already helped a lot of other students, just like you, to get a licence because this clearly indicates that these instructor possess all the necessary skills to produce a confident driver, even those that have a variety of different needs. Experienced instructors are also

Furthermore, experienced instructors are more likely to be better educated on usual test routes and examiners. You can’t beat someone that has insight from the inside.

For any beginner driver it is unlikely that you will grasp everything and execute it correctly in your very first attempt, and this is natural for any activity. It is really important, however, for your progress, that your instructor is patient and understanding to the fact that you might need another try to get it right. An instructor who gets quickly frustrated or angry when you fail to fully master a skill instantly is only bound to knock you confidence down and degrade your progress.

After all, practice makes perfect, and a good instructor will always be sure to be encouraging and respectful of your space in order for you to learn and grow.

No two students are the same, while one may pick up skills off visual cues, another might be a verbal learner while others just like to get stuck and learn via practicing and eventually experience. The point is, different people respond differently and a good instructor is one that is able to adapt to the different capabilities of students.

Driving can be stressful, for both instructor and student, particularly when the student is a newbie. In these stressful instants, the best instructors are the ones that are always ready for the unexpected and won’t get agitated if you make a mistake. In most schools, dual control brakes are used in place so the instructor can take over control of the car in case anything goes wrong.

All the qualities in one single instructor? Is it possible?

Yes! In fact Driviology driving school is accredited of being full of instructors that have all these and many more qualities. Driviologys courteous instructors specialize in every area of a student’s personal needs. With extra attention paid to nervous drivers to ensure every single student is able to confidently apply what they learn in real life situations. Apply now to get started alongside our expert instructors!

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